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Yes, we built this course with beginners in mind; We start from the very basics to build a solid foundation knowledge. 95% of our students started as complete beginners
The course is fully pre-loaded into our online e-learning platform so you can log in and study in your own time.
All of our systems and software are available worldwide so you can learn how to trade no matter wherever you are in the world.
All you need to learn is a laptop or a mobile phone and an internet connection. Many think you need eight screens and a super-fast computer that isn't the case.
Yes, even when you complete the course, you'll have lifetime access to our community groups, our mentorship and of course our weekly webinars
Yes, it certainly will work for you; you're one of the main audiences why we put this programme together. Along as you can set aside a few hours a week to learn you will be able to make good progress.
As soon as you have enrolled, you'll be taken directly to our e-learning platform, here you'll be welcomed in via our welcome video and directed to join our community and register for our weekly webinars. Once inside, you'll be able to begin working through the training.
We know many people sell you into their course on the basis that it ill teach you how to trade, unfortunately, more times than not you'll come away from that course with considerable gaps in your knowledge. I can guarantee from this programme is that you'll have sufficient knowledge and guidance to learn how to trade successfully.
Nope, all platforms and software that we use to trade and analyse can be used 100% free of charge.
This question ranges from person to person; some people pick these things up quickly and go onto trading live within a few weeks and make money. Others take a little longer to get confident. What id recommend is not to worry about what other people are doing, focus on the process of learning and the profits will come as a result of that
You'll have lifetime access to our e-learning platform. Most of our students go through the course at least 2/3 times to ingrain everything we're teaching into their brains.
We identified that the level of education is extremely low in the Forex space, other courses will teach you very broad, generic forex information. They don't teach you step by step proven systems that allow you to bring everything together to see real results. Many other courses leave their students with big question marks after completion and that they'd offer very limited if any real support afterwards. With this programme, you're getting a fully immersive environment to surround yourself with a community of people on the same mission as you are to ensure the best chances of real success. This will be unlike any other programme you've previously been on.

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